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微創影英 開麥啦啦戀...  Falling in Love with Micro-film Making


2018-08-18 下午


管理大樓2F 220



課程介紹 課程介紹

微創影英 開麥啦啦戀... 

Falling in Love with Micro-film Making 


此課程的發想, 是希望把課堂上的一群可愛學生, 成為具有國際觀素養的創客(Makers)! 此課程利用網路容易取得的素材, 設計出令學生們會熱愛的教學活動與課程, 且在不知不覺中, 訓練出學生的情境式英文對話能力, 培養藝術涵養與國際世界觀! 小組發揮同儕力量(Peer Work), 共同思考如何解決問題 (Problem-solving)。分組方式, 分工合作, 各有所長, 適性發展試探小組腦力激盪與集體創作能力的素養 (Brainstorming and Group Creativity)。呈現方式以英文進行, 在所有活動的彼此互動, 無形中使學生在不知不覺中提升英文能力 (English Proficiency)且成為具有國際觀素養的創客(Makers)!

    網路世界無遠弗屆, 有許多YouTube上面的世界各國MV, 自拍對嘴影片, 世界各國廣告, 中外集影片不但垂手可得,更可引發學生對表演藝術與學習英文的動機與興趣! 教師蒐集篩歸類於課堂上再介紹給學生! 由台灣影片出發, 走向環球國際, 再回歸在地本土!

     This is a course to introduce English teachers and learners to the interesting aspect in English course, namely, Lip Sync and Commercials, and to familiarize them with different approaches to English learning.

     Through the introduction of selected works adopted from YouTube and the teacher’s demonstration, students will not only develop their interests in English learning but also exlpore their capability in different fields, including the interpretation of an MV, working with teammates to slove different and unexpected problems as actors, directors, or even film editors, as well as what they try to reveal to the audience about issues in their works.

     Nowadays, almost everyone has a cellphone. Usually students are not allowed to use their cellphones in class; on the contrary, this course encourage them to bring their phones to class. With the advantages and convenience of some movie-editing apps, such as PowerDirector(威力導演), VivaVideo(小影), ActionDirector(威力酷剪), or InShot, teachers and students will be able to accomplish their video works easily.

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